Kathryn Vives, M.A.

Kathryn (“Katy”) Vives, M.A., is a tutor and coach specializing in executive function skills and organizational training. She joined Cerulli and Associates as a Cogmed Certified Coach in August 2011 to further enhance her clients’ working memory skills and improve new learning of information at all ages. Prior to tutoring, Katy was an educator in New York teaching high school global history and economics classes. She holds a Master’s degree in Education from Columbia University Teachers College. In her former profession, Katy was a Vice President at JPMorgan Chase as a marketing and project manager.

In addition to Executive Function & organizational strategies coaching, Katy also:

• Tutors students preparing for the SAT (verbal sections)

• Teaches writing skills

• Is a Certified COGMED Coach, for individuals of all ages looking to improve their working memory capacity

Katy’s passion is working with adolescents and young adults to shape their learning and organizational skills. Some students – and adults! – have never been expressly taught ‘how’ to plan and prioritize and therefore feel overwhelmed when faced with a myriad of tasks on a daily basis.

With so many obligations placed upon young adolescents and adults today it is not surprising that many individuals, especially those with ADD and/or executive function weaknesses, can get as jumbled up as their backpacks and briefcases look! Katy teaches her clients that a combination of prioritizing and planning can lead to greater fulfillment in their lives – in the classroom, the workplace, and most importantly at home.

“Kathryn possesses a unique combination of knowledge, intelligence, creativity, and flexibility.  Her interventions are grounded in training and experience, but she tailors her approach to meet the specific needs of each individual.  In particular, Kathryn has perfected the art of connecting with teens, effectively eliminating one of the biggest roadblocks to working with this population”.  
– Jennifer MacDonald, Ph.D., pediatric clinical psychologist and parent


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