I am a huge fan of the television show Heroes on NBC.  Yes, I do love a good story about heroes.  I won’t deny that.  But what I love even more about a show like this, and this show in particular, is that the characters are human.   They are ordinary people – with extraordinary talents – who are out to save the world.

Not only that, but they struggle with real world issues that most of us can identify with.

And perhaps that’s the real reason I love this show.  Each episode is full of lessons and inspiration if you are watching closely enough.  Heck–you don’t even have to be watching that closely.  They just flow naturally – and talk to you about all the good in the world (even in the face of evil).

The most recent episode was particularly striking for me, because one of the Heroes traveled back in time to when he was just a young boy — probably 8 or 10 years old at most.  In this one scene, he listened to his father say to his mother, “Hiro will never amount to anything in this world.”

The irony of the scene is that Hiro has saved the world from disaster, not once, but twice…

My lesson from all of this, and it’s something I see a lot in the work I do…  Having such high expectations for our children is very dangerous.  After all, they are still so young and impressionable.  Even for the child who is struggling — there is hope.

Each of our children will someday reach the heights we hope for, and that they want, but they are going to have to struggle and fall before they hit it big.

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