Christine Garcia, CAGS, LEP, LMHC

Christine provides counseling services directed towards today’s youth. She specializes in treating various emotional, behavioral, and developmental issues with great focus on strengthening the family system. Christine has been a School Psychologist for over 20 years and has worked with both the inner city and suburban population. She is an advocate for families.

Much of Christine’s experience has been in treating children with ADHD, anxiety, depression, developmental/social difficulties, and divorce. She has conducted hundreds of psychological evaluations as part of the school system’s special education process and has consulted with many providers.

Christine views therapy as a collaborative process. Life can be challenging and difficult for anyone and for all ages. So many times, clients will focus on what is going wrong with their lives, which can cause them to feel self-defeated. Christine helps her clients recognize we all have the capacity to make things better, to be stronger, and to be supportive and appreciative of everyone close to us. The model of therapy she uses gives clients the skills to look at their lives differently and finally break out of dysfunctional cycles to achieve an individual state of peace.

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