Brooke Conserva, Health Services Coordinator

Welcome Back to the Team Brooke!

Brooke has rejoined the Cerulli and Associates team in July 2023 as Health Services Coordinator, after having previously worked in the position with us for 4 years (from 2014-2018). Her role is both administrative and clinical in nature. Additionally Brooke has spearheaded the enormous task of transitioning the practice to an integrated EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system so we may better assist our patients.

Brooke shares: “Most importantly I’m a mom of 4 wonderful adult children, 3 of whom are clinically diagnosed with ADHD. That is why I believe so much in what Dr. Cerulli and her staff do. They make a tremendous difference in so many lives and I am beyond thankful to be even a small part of that. In my spare time, I enjoy playing pool competitively and have qualified for national tournaments in Las Vegas several years. I cherish spending time with my family and similarly look forward to helping our patients and their families in whatever meaningful way I can contribute”.

We are grateful to Brooke for her endless support and collaboration with the treatment team, striving to provide exceptional service.

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