Dear Clients and Colleagues,
I’m emailing to tell you about a wonderful opportunity – the 4th Annual Virtual AD/HD Conference® coming soon on Oct 3 – 6. I’ll be presenting at this year’s conference, along with 22 other AD/HD experts including Drs. Daniel Amen, Ned Hallowell, and Patricia Quinn. Learn more at

The Virtual AD/HD Conference is a unique event that brings together the top experts in AD/HD. Join an international community of people affected by AD/HD, including adults, parents, spouses/partners, doctors, therapists, advocates, coaches, counselors, and many more. Rather than the time and expense of attending a physical conference, the Virtual AD/HD Conference brings the experts to you!
You can learn more about the conference, review the full conference agenda, and read testimonials from people who have attended here:
5 reasons why I recommend the Virtual AD/HD Conference:
1. You’ll access the top AD/HD experts from the comfort of your own home or office.
2. You’ll get the latest information and strategies on the most important topics in AD/HD. The conference topics cover everything from children to adults, from parenting to marriage, and from alternative treatments to medication management.
3. You’ll connect with a supportive group of your peers. The conference is attended by hundreds of people who understand the challenges of AD/HD.
4. You’ll participate at your own pace. You can choose to attend the sessions live via phone or Internet, or you can download the presentations later. The presentations and materials are available online for 3 months after the close of the conference.
5. You’ll skip the costs and hassles of traveling to a conference. The Virtual AD/HD Conference is cost efficient because it removes the need for hotels, airports, babysitters, and expensive restaurants.
The Virtual AD/HD Conference takes place October 3-6. I think the conference is a great opportunity to connect with your peers and get all the tools you need to succeed from the top experts in the world of AD/HD. I hope you’ll consider joining us!
Once again, you can learn more about the conference, review the full agenda, and read testimonials from people who have attended here:
The Virtual AD/HD Conference promises to be a value packed 4-day event. Hope to “see” you there!
Warm Regards,
Theresa Cerulli, M.D.