ADHD is just a small piece of the puzzle.  When someone has been diagnosed, or is thought to have ADHD, it is really just a way of understanding:

  • Who we are
  • What we need
  • How we are different

For me, there is nothing more important than recognizing how different and unique we truly are.  Whether it’s ADHD or not, every human being is different.  Every human being has challenges, and struggles, and needs support around certain areas of life.

That’s why I hope all of my clients (and you as well) choose to focus on differences and NOT the labels that so many people get caught up with.

Just the other night, our group got together for dinner.  We were talking about ADHD, as we often do, and I brought up this idea of NOT focusing on the labels…  Of NOT focusing on the diagnosis.  I find that it only HOLDS people back.

One of my colleagues offered a different perspective.  She said, “Some people need that diagnosis.  It helps them understand or give some type of reason for why things might suddenly be changing.”

That’s where we agreed!

For me, the shared message is about understanding ourselves… This means, we slow down and recognize our limitations.  And by doing so, it does not make us weak…  It does not mean we are broken…  In fact, it means we are strong.

Recognizing who we are, and where we need support is the very fabric for working towards success!

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