Walter Sherburne, LICSW

It is clearly hard to change the way you approach projects and responsibilities when you’re struggling with your brain’s particular style of dealing with task management and accomplishment. And once you’ve heard the information about why it isn’t easy for you, then where do you go?

Coaching doesn’t do it all for you, but it does give you an expert and ally to keep an eye on the details while you’re discovering what works well for you. At its best, coaching assesses and builds on your strengths and looks for simple ways to reinforce you in areas that aren’t your natural strong points.
The advice you need shouldn’t be packaged in complex language and vague principals. While it does need to be based on current research and best practices, it should be straightforward to understand and easy to begin. You should feel encouraged and supported to take appropriate sized steps and have a support system to call on when your system threatens to return to the “old” ways of doing things.
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