Change is a process and by definition, a process is something that happens gradually. So, if you’re feeling like it’s time to change, celebrate the beginning of a process.

Creating change in yourself is a campaign that starts with recognizing a pull within yourself toward something new or away from something familiar. What hook will get you thinking about change? Your too-tight pants might bring the idea to your attention. Puffing your way up a flight of stairs is hard to completely ignore. Losing a large client interrupts the bliss. Feeling burned out suggests something is off. Having your spouse discouraged with you is a strong clue.

What we’re likely to miss are not these in-our-face examples, but the ones we turn away from without a thought; “You’re frustrating me! You don’t understand me! My client just doesn’t get it! Why is it so hard to explain simple ideas to people? Are these people stupid?” The situation is crying out for change, but we deflect the responsibility to someone else. We miss the full role we play in the miscommunication.

Noticing that we have the leverage to start the ball rolling is not a small accomplishment. Being aware of ourselves – insight – is not a commonly held skill. Coaching may ignite it; therapy can nurture it; pressure from a loved one occasionally forces it. But it isn’t easy to grab insight or to hold on to it.

So, if you feel it’s time for some change, celebrate. Even if you don’t know how you got there, pat yourself on the back and take a breath; you’ve taken a good step and you’re already beginning to change.