Szifra Birke, M.S.

Since the beginning of her career nearly 30 years ago, Szifra (pronounced SHifra) has been an original thinker, a pioneer recognizing needs others do not see and developing creative solutions to address those needs.

Szifra brings a thoughtful and creative approach to her work as a therapist and consultant to adults with ADHD, entrepreneurs and professional service providers. Flexibility is a hallmark of her practice, and she understands that one approach does not fit all. Each client’s personality and style helps create the foundation for their work together.

Szifra has become a nationally recognized consultant on the psychology of money and as a client-relationship strategist—working with wealth managers, attorneys, dentists and other professionals (many of whom are entrepreneurs and by their very nature are ADHD or ADHD-like). She has appeared in Business Week and on Business Week TV, as well as other major media, for her expertise in advising financial services professionals on how to talk to clients about money and other personal issues.

She has a master’s degree in counseling and is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a licensed mental health counselor and a certified drug and alcohol abuse counselor. Szifra is the author of Together We Heal: A Real-Life Portrait of Group Therapy, and since 1997, the producer and co-host of “Shrink Rap,” a syndicated television show highlighting the importance of communication, emotions, and other people-related issues in our personal and business lives.

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