Thomas Draper, LMHC

Thomas Draper, LMHC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who works with a wide variety of clients of all ages, Children 3+, Adolescents, and Adults. He utilizes a practical, strengths-focused approach to interventions in order to facilitate rapid stabilization and growth. Working with Individual and Families, Thomas specializes in treating ADHD/ADD, Aspergers/Autism, Depression, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem and Learning Disabilities. He integrates Cognitive Behavior Therapy as well as Mindfulness Techniques into his clinical work, while providing a safe, connected, therapeutic relationship during your time together.

Thomas Draper, LMHC graduated with a master’s from Lesley University in 2000 in their Clinical Mental Health Counselor / School Adjustment Counseling program. Initially, he was working in different School Systems as well as in Private Practice. He later transitioned over to Psychiatric Emergency Services which has equipped him with the knowledge of our broad systems of care.

Thomas has 15 years of being the Program Director of the Lawrence and Boston Psychiatric Emergency Services Teams where he became an expert in Psychiatric Triage and Systems Mobilization. His role was to work with the broader Behavioral Health community and facilitated stabilization of clients throughout the Merrimack Valley. At times, Thomas accomplished this because of his direct clinical intervention.

An accomplished leader, Thomas further advanced patient care through supervision of his network of clinicians whom he helped to develop, as well as through consultation to various providers and programs throughout the region. Working closely with client PCP’s, local schools, and other community supports is critical to a holistic approach. Thomas looks forward to meeting with you and your family.