Welcome to our blog! We are a multidisciplinary team of practitioners dedicated to improving care for those with ADHD. It is our strong belief that the most successful approach takes a team – ADD coaches, therapists, school counselors, doctors, educators – providing both medication and non-medication interventions rather than a one-size-fits all model. That’s us. Theresa Cerulli, Neuropsychiatrist, Jay Livingston – Adult ADD coach, Rory Stern – Child ADD Coach, Szifra Birke – Individual and family counselor, and Rebecca Shafir – Speech and Language Pathologist, Neurofeedback and Biofeedback specialist. Moving forward we will be blogging regularly to keep you informed of all the latest and greatest in our field. Please know we welcome your feedback, questions, ideas, and input.

I would like to share a bit of my personal history that drives my commitment to ADHD. I am a neuropsychiatrist by training who became interested in ADHD dating back 10 years ago. As one of life’s coincindences, I am now married to a husband with ADD and have the wonderful perspective of specializing in this field, while still feeling a sense of helplessness at times regarding how to manage it in my own home. The additional irony besides being an ADD “expert” married to an ADD husband, is that my husband works in sales in the all natural organics industry. Put “All natural” and “psychopharmacological” together in one sentence and you have just vizualized our household. Organic ritalin anyone?