Many of my clients are successful public speakers, entrepreneurs, and CEO’s, and yet many have the feeling that at any moment they will be “found out”.

My work with adults with ADD and ADHD includes looking at and trying to correct old messages implanted by unaware parents and teachers – you know, the “You’re lazy”, “You’re unmotivated and will never amount to anything”, “How stupid can one person be?” messages.

Sam, a very active, extremely bright and super busy CEO I work with, owns his own company, and even with the current economic mess, has a net worth in the double digit millions—all self-made.  He also owns a self-concept badly in need of repair.  As a boy and adolescent he was told he would never succeed, that he was stupid, couldn’t learn, was undisciplined and wouldn’t even make it to his own funeral. On some bad days, he feels just like that boy/adolescent again as those old messages come swimming back into his head.

Sam got sick of beating himself up based on other peoples’ messages and finally made time to slow down and try to understand himself better. (I know, slow down sounds dreadful, but don’t worry, I have plenty of things to fiddle with in my office and I’m not opposed to taking a walk if needed). Sam and I are working to update his self-esteem file to have a more realistic picture of himself. In just three meetings, Sam has begun to recognize times he’s putting himself down and can sometimes stop, get current and remind himself of the countless strengths and talents he has.

Don’t hesitate to contact a therapist or coach if you are an adult who suspects you have attention deficit disorder, with or without hyperactivity. Your peace of mind is worth it.